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Algis Kemezys is a seasoned image maker both in still photography and video. His photography has been exhibited worldwide while his mostly-documentary videos have played in international festivals and won prizes.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

(from the original in French, published in SEQUENCES #240, Nov-Dec 2005)

What are mimetoliths? In plain terms, they are rocks and stones which closely resemble human beings. Faces, expressions and gestures, even entire bodies. These natural objects exist everywhere. One could also claim that they have magical powers with which to conjure occurrences and even evil intentions.
Professional photographer Algis Kemezys decided to dedicate his first medium-length documentary to these exceptional natural phenomena. To satisfy the requirements of his quest, he travelled to the island of Crete in Greece, where the most spectacular mimetoliths can be found. Astonishingly human-like mouths, ears, noses, throats, and entire bodies inhabit these natural rock formations.
Kemezys’ camera captures the pulse of a landscape that appears unchanged for millennia. He meets experts on the matter (essayists, professors, historians) who propose theories that shed light on the fascinating mysteries of planet Earth. Equal time is given to the uninitiated, for whom these curious rocks are metaphors for their lives, and also the essential elements of Crete, a place which forged the foundations of Western civilisation. Ancient beliefs seem to blend in with modern thinking, prompting a better understanding of our environment.
The commentary, by Byron Ayanoglu, serious, intelligent, and informative, addresses the various concerns and preconceptions that abound on this subject.
A documentary, in turns ecological and educational, Mimetoliths could have doubtless pushed its enquiry further. As well, the screen-presence of the filmmaker/photographer dilutes the proposition somewhat, especially in the too-brief sequences, like the accident, and the flute-playing, which don’t seem to add anything tangible to the film’s thesis.
Nevertheless, Mimetoliths stands as a unique and extraordinary film, rich and nuanced. It is instructive, even essential, for an acquaintance and a comprehension of the endless mysteries of nature.
A special screening of Mimetoliths on November 14 was received enthusiastically.

Elie Castiel

--Canada (Quebec) 2005, 58 minutes.
Dir.: Algis Kemezys; Screenplay: Algis Kemezys; Prod.: Byron Ayanoglu; Contact: Byron Ayanoglu


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