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Monday, July 17, 2006



MiMEtoLITHs had the 12 planets first!
The recent hoopla about the elevation of three distant asteroids to planetary status, bringing the total of our solar system planets to twelve, was no news to us. Algis Kemezys’ documentary Mimetoliths extrapolates on the importance of the numeral 12 in the history and the folklore of our culture. As expressed by the mystic and mathematician Pythagoras there are twelve planets in the heavens, just as there are twelve gods on Mount Olympus, and twelve months in the year, and twelve Apostles in the Bible, and twelve bagels in a dozen.
The only difference between our twelve planets and the upstart-scientific ones, is that theirs are poisonous ice-cubes floating in the outer reaches of space, whereas ours (or rather, Pythagoras’) include Anticthone, a paradisiacal, earth-like world. Anticthone is equidistant from the sun as Earth and has never been discerned by our telescopes because it orbits at exactly the same rate as us only on the opposite side of the sun, and is therefore invisible from our vantage point.
For more stories about Anticthone, as well as the golden proportion of 1:1.618, the Minotaur, Artemis the goddess of the forest, Medea the sorceress, the Phaestos Disc and its message, and all the other creatures, gods, chimeras, and myths that lie dormant for millennia in the rocks and the cliffs and the beaches of Crete, the most ancient of Europe’s civilisations, check out Mimetoliths. It plays this Autumn in Turkey as part of the U.N. sponsored film festival Mediterranean Environmental Award, and also in Charlotte, North Carolina’s Cackalaky Film Festival, and in all four locations (Alaska, Arizona, Oregon, New Zealand) of the Night Gallery Film Festival.

For more details about Mimetoliths please contact Byron Ayanoglu (producer) at:
(514) 583-5831, or,


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